The Learning Co-op (TLC), K-6th

TLC is a learning group in Lawrence under TEACH. The purpose is to get together with other private homeschooling families on a weekly basis to learn through units and hands-on activities.

We meet every Tuesday afternoon during October, November, and January through April from 12:45 pm- 3:00 pm at Community Bible Church. The kids are broken into about 3-4 groups for learning and they will rotate from a unit time (1 hour), a P.E. time (30 minutes), and a rotation class (Art, Crafts, and etc. for 30 minutes).

TLC is open to students from K- 6th grade with a preschool and nursery provided for younger kids. Mothers are asked to stay on the premises even though they may not have a duty for the month. Most moms find this an enjoyable time getting to fellowship with other moms. Mothers will be required to help and teach in many different areas throughout the year.

Each month there is a fee to reimburse any of the teachers for expenses needed to teach. The fees for this coming year are yet to be determined ( last year they ran $9 for one child K-6 and $15 for two or more children K-6). From time to time, there may be some extra nominal fees to cover extras (costs for a special program or field trip, to buy recorders used in music, and etc).

We will have a meeting for all those who wish to participate in TLC sometime this summer. The date for the meeting will be in the next TEACH newsletter. Please call Cathy Barfield for more detailed information and to register for the group. In the past there has been much interest in the group and openings may become restricted if the group becomes too large. You can email or call Cathy at 843-9207. A signed commitment form is required to enter the group. Please do not put off in signing up for the group.