Homeschool Swim

Hi TEACH members!!! It is time for another year of swimming!!! This is a special note to all of you because we are going to do things differently this year. We want to bring the swimming group back to TEACH members only. As parents we all would like our kids to be able to swim, relax and have fun without any other issues getting in the way (for example behavioral issues and immodest swimsuits reflecting poorly on TEACH). We believe by restricting it to TEACH members only can continue to provide this for our kids.

To make this affordable we need your help. The more TEACH families that sign up the less the cost will be. If you know anyone who has done swimming in the past but is not a member of TEACH please send them to the TEACH blog and they can get more info about the group and also the form to join.

The months are Oct.-May. It will be the first friday of each month unless the public schools are out and then it would be the next possable friday. Right now it looks like Nov. and Jan. are the only months that may be a problem.

The deadline for signing up is Aug. 31. After I have everyone signed up I will be able to give you a cost. I will keep you informed as the sign up goes along on what the cost is at the moment. If we cannot get the cost down to around $25 or less per family then we will not have swimming this year.

Spread the word and help us to make this a great TEACH swim year!!! Please contact Lana Groundwater ( to sign up for swimming.