Yearbook Class

2010-2011 Yearbook Class:
This class is open to all home school students ages 12 and up, min. 5 students. We will meet on Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lawrence Kansas.

Cost: $45 each semester plus a few supplies and the cost of the yearbook (if we get sponsors, the yearbook publishing cost could be reduced or even free for students that design this yearbook). There will be a discounted rate for siblings in the same class. 1st student $45 each semester plus supplies and yearbook cost and each sibling from the same family are $35 each semester plus supplies and yearbook cost. For non yearbook staff/students, the yearbook can be bought at the end of the school year. Cost of the yearbook will have to be decided at a later date.

Plans and Ideas for Yearbook:
*We will take individual pictures of all home school students that want to be in it.
*We will try to get pictures of as many extra curricular activities, sports, debate, class activities, drama and more. Come to the first class with a list of known home school activities and schedules (if possible) in our area.
*How we publish the yearbooks will be decided by the students. We can use 3 ring notebooks (so it can be added to, like drawings, poems and journals), comb bind them or professionally bind them. All options will be explored.
*Digital Cameras, memory stick and a laptop would be helpful but not required to participate

My goals are that the students can use their creativity to make a fun and unique yearbook, along with having a fun time doing it.

If interested, please contact me: Angela Hightree at