Used Curriculum Sale

Due to a busy Spring, the organizing of the used curriculum sale did not get organized. Since then, we have had many people asking about it. This year since the time got away with us, we will do things a little differently. Instead of finding times to drop your books off ahead of time, you will man your own table. Sellers will not need to label a certain way and the buyer can also negotiate with the seller directly.

Used Curriculum Sale--Monday, June 25th  from 6:30-8:00 pm
Mustard Seed Church
700 Wakarusa Drive

Sellers: If you set up promptly at 6 pm then you may have a few minutes to shop before anyone else. Robin Brooks and Wanda Tefft will be there before 6 to let you in. Make sure you bring change! If you do not get everything sold, you can post curriculum on the TEACH blog. We will send out a separate email with instructions.

Buyers: There will be table to renew your TEACH membership and various sign-ups will be available too. (TLC, science classes, TEACH graduation...)

For any questions, you can call Cathy at 843-9207.