Sewing classes

Sewing classes for homeschooler's will be offered again this year.  Both beginning and intermediate classes will be available, depending on enrollment.

Class day and times are still being determined. Friday morning/afternoon, at the Morris Center, worked well last year, so I will continue to make that an option.  Classes would meet during and around band, orchestra, and choir.  If there is enough interest, a class could be offered on Tuesday afternoons - during TLC, or Wednesday afternoons - also at Community Bible Chapel.

Each class will meet once a week for approx. 75 minutes.  The  class fee is $95.00 a semester.  Classes will start in mid September and run through November.  Given that we don't have to take days off for illness or weather - we should complete the course work by the end of November.   It would be my desire to not go into December, but we will if necessary.  Second  semester would begin mid January and go through late April.

For more information, check the sewing class website at:

Beginning Sewing:

The classes will cover hand and basic  machine sewing.  We will do one or two simple projects that will involve  straight machine stitching. To get the most from the class, the students will  need to practice newly learned techniques at home.

There will be  worksheets, general sewing practice, and project work to be completed outside of  class.  Assigned work is due the following week. A notebook, with all the  weekly assignments, notes, vocabulary, worksheets, etc. will be turned in at the  end of the semester.

Each student will need sewing  supplies, a one-inch binder, a portable sewing machine that can be brought to  class each week, and fabric/notions/etc. for an assigned project.

Intermediate Sewing:

These classes will continue where the beginning level left  off.  There will be more seam finishes and hand sewing techniques covered, as well as basic garment construction.  One or two projects will be  completed in this class.  The format of this level will be much like the  beginning level – worksheets, practicing new and old techniques, and project work to be done outside of class.  We will continue to add to the notebook  that was started in the beginning level.

Contact me with questions by phone or email.

There will be a minimum and maximum number of students per class offered.


Martha  Bachert