WCTU Children's Contest

The 2015 spring WCTU Children’s Contest is here! Your child has three contests in which he might compete: Picture Coloring Contest (K-3); Poster Contest (4-12); Essay Contest (4-12). Every contestant receives an small award for participating. Both the State Contests and National Contests awards cash prizes.

WCTU (Woman’s Christian Temperance Union) promotes abstinence from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. The Children’s Contests are an enjoyable way for children to learn this abstinence message. The rules, judging and awards are all privately funded and managed through the WCTU. No tax dollars are involved.

The Picture Coloring Contest (grades K-3) is fun. Each grade has its own picture of one or more ducks to color with an abstinence message.

The Poster Contest (grades 4-12) is for those who like art. This contest is divided into three divisions: Division I—grades 4-6; Division II—grades 7-9; Division III—grades 10-12.

The Essay Contest (grades 4-12) is for those who enjoy writing. This contest is also divided into three divisions the same as the Poster Contest. The award money for essays is a bit higher than for posters. There are not many contestants who enter this Contest, so the possibility of winning is higher. There were NO contestants in Div. III in 2014, so I had to return ALL the award money (1st down through Honorable Mention) to our state treasurer. National essay 1st place awards: $125 for Div. III; $100 for Div. II; and $75 for Div. I. State awards are less than the national awards.

First place state winners are entered into the National Contests.

For Contest Rules or questions, e-mail me at myers_nellie@yahoo.com My phone number is (316)-799-2112, if you need to call me. My address is Mrs. Nellie Myers, 14566 NW 110th St., Whitewater, KS 67154

The deadline for the Picture Coloring Contest and the Essay Contest is April 8, 2015. The entries are pre-judged before the annual mid-April WCTU meeting. Posters can be given or mailed to me by April 24, 2015. If you need to mail a poster to me, pack it carefully to prevent damage. Posters are judged ON SITE at the WCTU Mid-year Meeting.